Anne Goldberg Ballerine Performance

Photo courtesy of Anthony Collins

source link Creative Interaction is the name for a series of sound installations, musical instruments and performance software tools created by composer Drake Andersen in collaboration with gallery owners, curators, architects, choreographers, performers, visual artists and other creators. Through innovative public performances and the use of cutting-edge interactive technology, the programs and projects of Creative Interaction amount to an unprecedented, open-ended environment for artistic expression.

The categories below represent some of our principal areas of research and performance. For more information about specific projects, click here. Sound Installations

Sound and Space installations are characterized by subtle, rich, continuous sounds, carefully shaped and projected using site-specific loudspeaker configurations and acoustic treatments.

In addition to a sophisticated model of interaction, Sound and Space installations are unique in their acoustic and aesthetic adaptation to a given space, whether a large public atrium or a local gallery. More… Sound Walks

Participants listen to continuous music composed to subtly complement their surroundings while walking through public spaces such as parks or shorelines. A downloadable app synchronizes different musical sections to the listener’s position via their smartphone’s GPS function. A variety of “walks” are available for download, composed for locations throughout the world. More…


Indra is a new software platform for real-time music composition for live performers. A conductor at a central interface manipulates broad musical parameters such as density, pitch and volume, which are translated into notation for an ensemble reading from tablet screens. This software is revolutionary in its integration of traditional, improvisatory and aleatoric performance practices. More…

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

In a digital system, any physical “cause” can be linked to any musical “result”. By design, this leads to unexpected confluences of expression between architecture and acoustics, GPS location and harmony, sound and movement. Recent performances and projects have featured collaborations with dancers, live video artists, architects, visual artists, improvisers, healthcare professionals and more.

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New Musical Instruments

Electronic musical instruments for amateurs and professionals. Sound-making interfaces built from new and repurposed hardware. Adaptive interfaces for people with limited mobility. More…


Creative Interaction founder Drake Andersen teaches a music technology course called Beats ‘N’ Bytes at Ballet Tech, the New York Public School for Dance. In this course, students ranging from fourth to eighth grade learn to record, process and mix their own musical projects. The curriculum includes making field recordings, sequencing, sampling, effects processing and creating original musical compositions all using a variety of software and hardware platforms.

Other classes, including one-day Sounding Off! workshops are offered periodically. Check our upcoming events for the next class, or contact education [at] to organize a workshop near you.