Strata Strata is an interactive installation in which resonant waves follow trajectories of pitch and volume throughout space. Each sound is related to one of four fundamental frequencies, blurred by transformation of timbre and minute variations above and below natural resonant tones. By standing at certain places in the installation space, visitors can settle groups of the constantly changing sounds into stable chords.

buying Lamictal online without prescription This is a sample of the sound of Strata, mixed down to stereo. Around 1:30 the trajectories converge into a single chord.

The spectrograph (above) of the installation’s composite sound plots frequency on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. The left side depicts the spectral trajectories in a state of constant change. On the right side, these trajectories settle into discrete frequency bands, creating the stable chord described above. This occurs when a user occupies a specific point within the space, as detected by ultrasonic rangefinder sensors. Click here to view a larger version of the spectrograph.