Resonant Wave

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A still clip from a video in which Drake Andersen demonstrates a prototype of the Resonant Wave

The Resonant Wave is a new musical instrument which responds to the motion of your hands. An infrared camera tracks the position, velocity and acceleration of your fingertips and maps them onto sonic parameters such as density, volume and pitch. By spreading or closing your hands, you can control the number of data points and minutely control the musical texture.

The Resonant Wave is an electronic instrument which may be easily integrated into a chamber ensemble and combined with other acoustic or electronic instruments in a concert setting.

The Resonant Wave is also a unique adaptive interface for music making for people with limited mobility. For instance, in a December 2013 beta test, a man with cerebral palsy exhibiting high muscle tone in his hands improvised with the Resonant Wave. After improvising with the instrument for a few minutes, he was able to open his hands and separate his fingers — one of his occupational therapy goals — while also independently creating original music without assistance from caregivers.