Creative Interaction


Music that responds to the space in which it resonates.

Sounds triggered by a pedestrian’s footsteps or a dancer’s fouetté.

Harmony sculpted by the listener’s presence.

Creative Interaction is the name for a series of sound installations, musical instruments and performance software tools created by composer Drake Andersen in collaboration with gallery owners, curators, architects, choreographers, performers, visual artists and other creators. Through innovative public performances and the use of cutting-edge interactive technology, the programs and projects of Creative Interaction amount to an unprecedented, open-ended environment for artistic expression.


April 2017: Composer Drake Andersen was recently featured on the Lexical Tones podcast. Follow the link here or download it on iTunes.

January 2016: Our Indra software was featured in Houstonia magazine

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Indra Rehearsal

Drake Andersen leads violist Kallie Ciechomski and Ensemble Sans Maitre in his composition “Spring Flow”, which uses the Indra network score composition software. More…

Together, we are redefining the relationship between human, sound and space. We are asking new questions about the world and our place in it. We are using technology to imagine new creative experiences. And in so doing, we can rediscover the “work of art.”

A “sound walk” recorded live at the April 2012 Sound and Space installation in Houston, TX.

By performing in new spaces, we are creating new contexts for musical expression. Our work is at the intersection of many traditions: abstract classical music, program music, indeterminate music and improvised music. We are blurring the line between an instrument, a composition and an activity. Between visual art, architecture and music notation. At the convergence of all of these elements, we encounter a new way of looking at the world and taking action.

Digital media allows us to map the physical properties of our world onto the parameters which define sound. We are pioneering an experimental confluence of rigorous artistic craft and technological exploration, guided by the belief that new interfaces for music making lead to new ideas, new performers and new audiences.